UN Action

Through conferences, seminars and written statements, IBREA and its partner, KIBS (Korea Institute of Brain Science), communicate to the UN, in the context of its various agendas, the great capacity of the human brain and it’s natural tendency towards heath, happiness and peace. The organization also promotes its educational program to the UN Country Representations for their consideration to implement an IBREA-led program to different beneficiary groups – ranging from teachers, to doctors, psychologists, or social workers – in their respective countries.

Below you can take a look at IBREA Foundation’s written statements approved by the UN Economic and Social Council on various topics, as well as our events at the UN since 2000

  • 1) Women Empowerment Click here
  • 2) Implementing the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Click here
  • 3) Poverty Eradication Click here
  • 4) Supporting local authorities for the implementation of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Click here

UN goals


January 18

UN Headquarters

Poverty Eradication and Mental Wellbeing

January 18th, 2017


August 3

UN Headquarters, New York

Youth Mental Wellbeing for Successful Implementation of the SDGs ECOSOC Chamber

August 3rd, 2016

January 12

UN Headquarters, New York

Brain-based Holistic Education to address Inequality Challenges faced by Women and girls Globally

Tuesday January 12, 2016


January 26

UN Headquarters, New York

Fostering a culture of peace and violence prevention in the classroom. Holistic education as a local SDG enabler in Latin America and the Caribbean

January 26, 2015


October 8

UN Headquarters, New York

Side-event of the UN General Assembly in 2013: “Brain Education as a tool contributing to the creation of cultures of peace around the world”.

October 8, 2013

January 8

UN Headquarters, New York

Applied neuroscience and the MDGs. Unleashing the human brain’s capacity to address challenges in the developing world. Case studies in El Salvador and Liberia.

January 8, 2013


January 12

UN Headquarters, New York

Conference on “Brain Education as a tool to help alleviate poverty and promote equality”.

January 12, 2012


October 5

UN Headquarters, New York

Side-event of the UN General Assembly in 2011 together with the Permanent Mission of El Salvador to the UN titled “Brain Education in El Salvador”.

October 14, 2011

January 7

UN Headquarters, New York

Conference on “Brain Education for All. How to Promote the Six Education for All goals through Brain Education”.

January 7, 2011


May 13

UN Church Center, New York

Conference on “Brain, Technology and Mental Health”.

May 13, 2010

March 11

UN Church Center, New York

Side-event at the CSW54: “Empowering Women through Brain Educat,ion”, together with the UN Committee on Mental Health (where IBREA is a member).

March 11, 2010


July 6

UN, Geneva

ECOSOC side-event: “Promoting Mental Health in the Context of Global Public Health”.

July 6, 2009


August 31

UN Millennium World Peace Summit

Ilchi Lee reads his Prayer of Peace to world leaders and sets his mind to create IBREA as an operational arm for creating global peace.

August 28-31, 2000