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Who We Are
IBREA Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to educate individuals, communities, and nations to realize the potential of the human brain to bring health, happiness and peace to all of humanity and the Earth. The following policy describes how we collect and use information we receive from visitors to our site at http://braintest.ibreaus.org/ (hereinafter "Website"). This policy applies only to information collected on this Website, and not to other information IBREA may collect from you through other (online or offline) means.

Website Operator Information
This website is owned and operated by IBREA Foundation. 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 479. New York, NY 10017. The contact person regarding the Brain Tests project is Damian Bendersky. You can reach us by phone at 1-212-319-0848.

How and What Information Is Collected
IBREA collects (1) "login information" and (2) "demographic information" from the visitors who voluntarily choose to create an account which allows them to log in to our site and access our "brain tests". "Login information" includes an email address or a nickname, as well as an account password. The collected "demographic information" includes gender, date of birth, education level, native language, and country of residence. IBREA also automatically collects performance data from users who take the "brain tests"; which may include users' scores, levels, and timings, as well as any feedback voluntarily provided by users concerning the "brain tests".

Currently, IBREA does not collect information passively from the visitors at its site. No Electronic Tracking Device is used such as cookies, IP address tracking, window.name, HTTP authentication and the like. URL (query string) and hidden form fields are currently used only for navigation purposes, but not for handling user data. At any time, IBREA may decide to make use of any mentioned tracking technology without requesting users' consent, in any form or expression.

At present, users' registration information is collected using an HTML form and then sent to a PHP dynamic script using the POST method. The PHP script validates the data by running queries to a MySQL database. Upon validating the data, a PHP SESSION is created containing a user's randomly generated unique ID, which is used to identify the user throughout the Website and brain tests. IBREA may later collect information on what web pages visitors access or view, or information volunteered by the visitors, such as survey information and/or site registrations.

Acting in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), IBREA does not collect or retain any individually identifiable information about children under 13 years old; such as full name, home address, email address, telephone number or any other information that would allow someone to identify or contact the child. The IBREA Brain Tests are not directed to children. However, if a child under 13 years old chooses to create an account to access the "brain tests", then his or her email address or nickname used for login purposes is discarded and replaced by an ambiguous username, formed by the word "child" and a randomly generated number; for example "child6376". Each visitor's age is calculated solely based on the birth date provided during the online registration.

How IBREA Uses the Collected Information
IBREA has developed online tests measuring various cognitive functions supported by the brain. The tests have been developed under the scientific guidance of Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg and will allow individuals to compare their scores with others in various aspects of memory, attention, problem solving, spatial reasoning, and other brain functions; based on a normative sample. The collected data will create this normative sample that will allow IBREA staff to compare and analyze any test's result relative to the test-taking population. The results may be divided, grouped or analyzed by age group, education level, gender, native language, and/or country of residence. IBREA will create custom reports, associating test performance to any of the above mentioned demographic information.

The tests' feedback will be used for improvement and re-development purposes, with the goal of providing users the most effective and useful tests possible.

IBREA may also share some information with our agents such as website hosting partners, or other parties who assist us in operating our website or providing our products or services. IBREA will also share your information if required by law to do so. Other than as described above, IBREA does not share or transfer its visitors' personal information to third parties.

How We Safeguard the Collected Information
Collected information is accessible only by accessing the project's database or the internal administrative application used to analyze the data. Both of these resources are password protected; only the web developer and the project administrators have access to the collected information. All the queries to the database are protected from malicious SQL injections or hacking methods that could result in unauthorized access.

Visitors' Abilities to Access and Change Information; and Opt-Out of Future Communications
Users can access and update any of their "login information" or "demographic information" by clicking on the "Edit my Profile" link, which is available after logging in to the Website. Users are not able to modify existing test data, such as past test scores or feedback.

IBREA does not plan to contact any "Brain Test" users, unless a user contacts IBREA requesting a response, such as a request to reset their password.

Certain Legalities
By using this website, you assent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any terms of this Privacy Policy, then please discontinue use of this site and do not provide us with any personal information. IBREA reserves the ability to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Please check back from time to time on this Privacy Policy to make sure you agree to its terms. Continued use of the site by visitors signifies continued assent to the terms of this Privacy Policy, as updated or amended at that time. This Privacy Policy, and all of its graphics, logos, trademarks, and other intellectual property, is the property of IBREA and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. No reproduction of any intellectual property of IBREA in this website or this Privacy Policy is allowed without express written consent of IBREA.

Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to review this important information concerning our Privacy Policy.
I have read and agree to the privacy policy shown above. I give IBREA permission to use my demographic information and tests performance scores for the purposes described in this policy.

IBREA Foundation - Informed Consent Form
  • Protocol Title: IBREA Brain Tests Development
  • Sponsor: BR Consulting, Inc.
  • Protocol #:
  • Principal Investigator: Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph.D. 866 United Nations Plaza, Room 479, New York, NY 10017, 1-212-319-0848

Your participation in this study is voluntary. Before agreeing to participate in this research study, please take your time and read this consent form carefully. Ask the study doctor or a member of the study staff any questions you may have about this study. You may also like to print or save a copy of this form.

Disclosure of Financial Interests
This study is being conducted by the IBREA Foundation and sponsored by BR Consulting, Inc. If you would like further details regarding the funding of this trial, please contact the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York Institutional Review Board at 516-470-6909.

Purpose of the Study
We have designed eight tests of memory, attention, language, visual perception, and problem solving. Each test can be scored. The purpose of the study is to find out how people perform on these tests: what is the average score and the range of scores for each test.

Description of Procedures
Your participation in this study will take about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Internet access is required.

You will first need to create an account on the IBREA Brain Tests website: (http://braintest.ibreaus.org) by choosing a user name (email address or nickname) and a password and entering your basic demographic information (gender, age, educational level, country of residence, and native language). You will NOT be asked for your name or other identifying information.

You will then be asked to take a series of interactive online tests. While taking the tests, your basic demographic information and test performance scores will be entered into a data base.

You will also be welcome to share any feedback regarding the tests, which will help us to improve the tests in the future.

Possible Discomforts and Risks
There are no known side effects or risks associated with this study at this time. You may choose to discontinue your participation in the study at any time for any reason.

Possible Benefits
There is no direct benefit to you by participating in this research study. By helping acquire the normative performance sample on these tests, you may benefit others in the future.

There are no costs or monetary compensation associated with your participation in this research.

Compensation for Injury
There is no compensation for injuries. Due to the nature of these tests, injuries are not expected.

You will NOT be asked to provide any identifying personal information. Therefore, your confidentiality will be protected.

Voluntary Participation/Withdrawal
Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may decide not to participate or you may discontinue your participation in the study at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

If you have any questions relating to this research study or your participation in it, please contact braintest@ibrea.org.

If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, or you are unable to reach the research staff, or if you have any complaints regarding this research study, you may contact a person independent of the research team at the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York Institutional Review Board at 516-318-6877.

Questions, concerns or complaints about research can also be registered with the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York Institutional Review Board on the World Wide Web at the following URL: http://www.branyirb.com/concerns-about-research
I have read this consent form. I have been informed of the risks and benefits involved, and all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. Furthermore, I have been assured that a member of the study staff will also answer any future questions I may have. By checking this box, I voluntarily agree to participate in this study.