Ju Eun Shin, Executive Director

Ju Eun (Aeri) is the Executive Director of IBREA Foundation. Ju Eun took a major role in establishing IBREA’s office in the U.S. and developing IBREA’s collaboration with the UN since 2007. She has been leading IBREA projects in Africa and Latin America since 2011. From 2009 to 2011, she has been Associate Editor of Brain World magazine, IBREA’s quarterly publication which explores cutting-edge science and how its findings can affect human health, culture, education, global issues, and more. She majored in Biology in Busan National University. She has more than 12 years experience in teaching brain-based holistic education in Korea and the U.S.


Isabel Pastor Guzman, Program Director

Isabel is currently Program Director at IBREA Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of Brain World magazine. As certified instructor by IBREA since November 2009, Isabel has developed and implemented numerous seminars and programs in New York, Liberia, El Salvador, Sierra Leone, Costa Rica, the Philippines, India, and Hawaii. From July 2003 until July 2008, Isabel worked for the International Organization for Migrations (IOM) in its regional offices in Brussels and Budapest, developing policies and programs to facilite legal migration to Europe. She holds a B.A. in Law and an M.A. in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.


Passion Jun, M.D., Medical Advisor

Passion is medical advisor to the IBREA FOUNDATION and provides content development and research services to enhance and upgrade our curriculum from a medical perspective. She has 8+ years experience as the Director of the Brain Attention Clinic & Kids Brain Training Center in Seoul, Korea. She’s also an associate professor at the Global Cyber University and an associate researcher at the Korea Institute of Brain Science. Passion graduated from Medical School at the Catholic University of Daegu and did a Master in Integrative medicine at the CHA medical school. She has been featured in various Korean media channels such as SBS, KBS, MBC, EBS among others.


Ralph Bernardo, Editor and Social Media, Brain World
       Designer and Communication, IBREA Foundation

Ralph currently edits, copyedits, provides art direction, and contributes to Brain World magazine. He recently revamped the Brain World website and is active in its social media and online community building. He also designs publicity and marketing materials for Brain World and IBREA Foundation, and takes a keen interest in their communication strategy. He has years of experience in independent media, book and web publishing, and documentary distribution. Ralph holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School.


Grecia Valenzuela Portillo, Program Manager, El Salvador

Grecia started receiving IBREA’s program in 2014 and became a certified instructor in July, 2017. She is now the Project Manager for IBREA FOUNDATION in El Salvador, while she continues her studies in Chemical Engineering at the National University of El Salvador. She manages all administrative procedures of our project in El Salvador and is currently working on the opening of our Holistic Training Center in the country in 2018.


Laura Calderon Toledo, Trainer and Program Assistant, El Salvador

Laura has been receiving IBREA FOUNDATION’s program since 2011, as a high school student in one of the most violent areas in San Salvador. At that time, she had just become a single mom at age 15. She built up her confidence, and continued with her education despite all odds. Laura became certified as brain-based holistic education trainer by the IBREA FOUNDATION in July, 2017 and is currently providing holistic training to over 2,000 teachers in El Salvador. Her story is a story of growth, a story of the great power of our human nature. There are many girls around the world in similar situations who might find it hard to believe that there is a brighter future. Laura has inspired many and continues to shine a light of hope on everyone she meets.


James Sullivan, Assistant Editor, Brain World

James is the Assistant Editor and writer at Brain World magazine. He’s also a regular contributor to Truth Is Cool and OMNI Reboot. He can usually be found on TVTropes or RationalWiki when not exploiting life and science stories for another blog article.​ He holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing, and is currently doing coursework on Evolutionary Biology at the University of Alberta.




Ilchi Lee

The founder of IBREA Foundation and creator of its educational program, Ilchi Lee, has been working to expand this concept and work for the past 35 years through different institutions and methods. Starting with the creation of training centers in South Korea, he and his students went on to open training centers in Japan, Canada, the UK, the US, Russia, Germany, and more. He also founded the Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), the University of Brain Education, and the Global Cyber University, as well as the Benjamin School for Character Education. Author of over 36 books, including the New York Times bestseller, “The Call of Sedona,” Ilchi Lee continues to spread the notion that we can create the world we all want to see through mindful action and responsibility.


Warrington S. Parker, Ph.D.

Warrington has over 30 years experience in education and business. He has developed a wide diversity of skills through active engagement in the fields of high performance organization design, leadership development, organizational change, assisting executive teams and successfully establishing a consulting company. He has experience teaching in the classroom in elementary, secondary, and adult basic education. Dr. Parker has lectured in The People’s Republic of China, Spain, Scotland, South Korea, and France. He is a regular speaker at IBREA’s Conferences held annually at the United Nations headquarters.


Anne Covert

Anne graduated from Hamilton College in 1980 with a B.A. and from Syracuse University in 1985 with a M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy. She was President of the board at Planned Parenthood of the Mohawk Valley, NY and active in Clinton, NY community life. She worked at The Samaritan Counseling Center for five years prior to her move to Brookline Massachusetts where she has lived since 1990. Anne is actively engaged in her community as a Town Meeting Member since 2007. In the spring of 2007, she started practicing Brain Education through a local Body and Brain center in Boston. She became chairman of IBREA Foundation’s Board in September 2014. Anne is a widow and has five children and 11 grandchildren.


Collette Hemmings

Collette is originally from Scotland and has worked across the world including sub-Saharan Africa, and China, Indonesia, living in seven countries with her family. She has been with Nike inc. for the last sixteen years in executive roles with a focus on enabling teams to reach their highest potential. Following personal health issues, she spent several years studying the principles of Brain Education to recover her health, purpose and help others do the same. She sits on two advisory boards including Oregon Health and Science University and Seneca Blue with the goal of integrating brain education practices into healthcare, sports, and business communities.


Brenda A. Parker

Brenda’s educational experience as an instructor spans over 27 years of experience in education as a school principal and administrator. Her expertise has led her to design and build highly successful and diverse child-centered schools. With her career centered in education, she is an expert in guiding children for a turnaround success. She is a contributor to our publication, Brain World. Her contribution to our magazine through her article, “How Poverty and Stress Affects Brain Development of Children” (2012) & “ Happy Teachers Make Happy Students” (2011) had a particularly positive impact on our readers and the general public.





Dr. James R. Westphal, M.D.

Dr. James R. Westphal, M.D. is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry with the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine and the Chief of Psychiatry of the Adult Mental Health Division, Department of Health, State of Hawaii. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin, Madison as an undergraduate with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a M.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin. He completed his internship and residency at Stanford University Medical center. He has held academic appointments at Stanford University Medical Center, Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans, and University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Westphal is a Board certified in Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry. Dr. Westphal has participated in Brain and Body Yoga since June of 2014. He attended Master-level training during June, 2015. He is a founding member of the Earth citizen Healthcare Professional Association.


Phyllis Dendle

Phyllis Dendle is the director of government relations for Kaiser Permanente Hawaii. For the last 18 years she has advocated for KPHI on a broad range of issues to every level of government and advises KP staff on implementing changes in the law. Previously she represented the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii for 8 years. She has also worked for the state legislature, the Honolulu city council and neighborhood boards. She is on the board of directors for Waikiki Health Center, Susan G. Komen Hawaii, Friends of the Natatorium and serves on the Program Board and Social Policy Committee of Catholic Charities Hawaii. She volunteers with the Women’s Fund of Hawaii, and the American Heart Association of Hawaii. Phyllis grew up in Honolulu, graduating from Radford High School. She has a B.A. in journalism and an M.A. in American studies from the University of Hawaii. She has been an active participant at Honolulu Body and Brain Center since July 2014 and completed Brain Management Training in October 2015.


Nobuko Todd

Nobuko Todd has over 10 years experience in mind-body training, helping over 3,000 people to recover from many physical and mental problems, and to create a better future for themselves. She was a Regional Director of Body and Brain Centers in Hawaii, overseeing their operations for more than 7 years. She is passionate about going into communities and help people recover their health, happiness, and peace through natural healing methods such as body movement, breathing, meditation, energy training, and Qigong among others.


Dr. Barbara Melamed

Dr. Barbara Melamed is a Clinical Health Psychologist with Board Certification in Behavioral Medicine. She is well known in the areas of children’s health issues and was awarded the American Psychological Associations Research Award in Pediatrics. She has participated in NIH study section as a reviewer and in IH Consensus Panels and has served on the Editorial Board of medical, dental, and psychological journals. She has worked on the faculties in a medical facility with both inpatient and outpatient services for chronic illness, pain-related problems and related anxiety, depression, and psychophysiological disorders and currently specializes in post-traumatic stress disorders in families of soldiers following war experience, brain injuries, and orthopedic problems. She currently is Director of Behavior Medicine Associates, a private practice associated with the John Burns School of Medicine and the Mochiki Okada Wellness Center. She has expertise in delivery of cognitive behavioral, psychophysiological, biofeedback, and rehabilitation of patients with pain due to illness-related pain. She holds a Clinical Affiliate Professor appointment at the University of Hawaii Clinical Studies Program in the Department of Psychology.


June Maeda

June Maeda was born and raised in Wahiawa, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. She holds a B.A. degree in Marketing from the University of Hawaii Manoa, College of Business. June has been a full time realtor for over 35 years and together with her husband she owns and operates an independent residential property management company. She has been practicing brain education since September 2010. June has been a longtime volunteer doing community outreach and finds especially rewarding to teach classes to seniors in Honolulu. She is passionate about helping to create health, happiness, and peace among different groups in the community and is excited to contribute to IBREA’s growth in Hawaii.