Receive Education

IBREA FOUNDATION offers different modalities of education as follows:

Become an Instructor

> Become an IBREA instructor

Being an IBREA instructor is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. The course consists of 12 sessions (2-3 hours each), that combine theory-based learning and practice-based learning. Through your experience, you will get an understanding of your brain and body functions and processes. You will also develop your senses to help other people manage their health & emotions in a natural, preventive and proactive way. The course will provide you with the necessary skills to teach our Brain-based Holistic Education for Peace curriculum in your community, workplace or other settings, including IBREA’s own projects. The course is available only in-person (privately or in a group setting) in our training space in NYC.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an instructor, or if you want to get started, please send us an email at with “Instructor Course” in the subject line.

World Leadership Program

> World Peace Leadership Program

Have you ever thought that you wanted to play a major role in changing the world? Then this course is for you. No matter how big your dream, if you are willing to follow through, you can develop the means to achieve it. This course is about acknowledging that. It’s about realizing that all our choices are affecting the world at large. You will deepen your understanding of the world’s most pressing issues and the global UN agenda for development and peace. At the same time, you will learn about taking genuine responsibility as an active agent in the process of implementing that agenda – for results to be sustainable. You will do that through developing your self-awareness and working on your mind-body connection.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, please send us an email at with “World Peace Leadership” in the subject line.

Children’s workshop

> Children’s Workshop

Children are longing to open their horizon. Full of imagination and empathy, children usually want to expand the realm of their reality. This field trip gives them the opportunity to appreciate the earth and humanity as their home and their family. It gives them the experience and knowledge to understand that they are part of a bigger picture. Through a guided UN tour, group dynamics, feeling nature and energy, and a brain-based holistic education session in our training center in Manhattan, they will develop their awareness to see that their life and choices as they grow up are important and meaningful. We encourage the participation of parents and teachers as volunteers in these activities.

If you’d like to learn more about about the program, please send us an email at with “Children Workshop” in the subject line.