UN Action

Through conferences, seminars and written and oral statements, IBREA FOUNDATION contributes to the UN ECOSOC agendas related to health, mental wellbeing, development, youth, poverty, and peace – among other topics that are relevant to IBREA’s program. We also invite the Permanent Country Missions to the UN to consider the implementation of IBREA’s program to different beneficiary groups – such as government officials, health professionals, and/or educators- in their respective countries, as a practical contribution towards the local implementation of the UN SDGs. Our projects in Liberia, Sierra Leone and El Salvador where initiated through an agreement between IBREA FOUNDATION and the Permanent Country Missions of those countries to the UN.

Below you can take a look at IBREA FOUNDATION’s written statements approved by the UN Economic and Social Council on various topics, as well as our events at the UN since 2000

  • 1) Women Empowerment Click here

  • 2) Implementing the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Click here

  • 3) Poverty Eradication Click here

  • 4) Supporting local authorities for the implementation of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Click here