The curriculum we deliver combines theory-based learning with experience-based learning. It consists of 24 sessions that altogether take participants through a process of physical, emotional and cognitive development to reconnect with their human nature and take action to help others do the same. Based on neuro-scientific and biological facts and findings, the program attempts to help people understand themselves better, enhance their motivation, and be more mindful of their life choices and behaviors. The program is deeply experiential.

Global Projects

IBREA’s program has proven to help people in significantly difficult situations release their trauma, strengthen their confidence and motivation, and improve their academic performance; among many other benefits. Through direct beneficiaries of IBREA projects, changes start happening on a community level. These include more safety, better interpersonal relations, more collaboration and productivity.

Instructor Course

You can become an instructor of our program and take action to teach in your community. All you need to do is take the following steps:

  • Buy our instructional book
  • Pass a written and physical test
  • Practice: take 12 sessions

World Peace Leadership Program

Dedicated to educating young people who want to lead major changes in the world.

Combining an understanding of the UN’s system and work, and IBREA’s work as a contributor to the UN goals of development and peace, this program helps participants develop their awareness, open their mind and find their purpose and role as World Peace Leader.

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Location: New York City
  • Activities: Guided UN tour, meetings and lectures with UN Permanent Missions in countries where IBREA is present, brain education training, group work, breathing and meditation, feeling nature.
  • Terms:
  • Winter (January)
  • Summer (August)

Workshop for children/school students

This one-day program will help your children expand their horizon beyond their community through a basic understanding of their body and brain functions and how their individual lives and choices have an impact on the world as a whole.

1 day
From 10AM to 5PM
New York City – Harlem
– United Nations HQs
$35 per participant
Group discounts available
UN tour, Brain education for kids,
feeling energy and nature


IBREA was born with the mission to help advance the UN goals of development and peace. That’s why since it’s inception, IBREA, as an independent NGO, strived to connect with the UN system and present its program as a tool to help advance the UN agenda. The organization was granted Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC in 2015.

Quarterly Publication: Brain World Magazine

IBREA publishes a quarterly magazine. The publication is dedicated to the general public. In layman’s terms, it brings cutting edge neuro-scientific findings close to people’s lives. You will be amazed at how the brain relates to all aspects of your life. Take a look!