This nine-day program is an amazing opportunity for young people to realize the great power of their body and brain, revive their passion and get clarity about their future goals, and learn how they can be active peace leaders in their family, community, and the world at large.

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The program offers IBREA Foundation’s unique social-emotional learning program, which focuses on helping young people deeply understand and experience the brain-body relationship and functions, and develop tools to enhance their endurance, determination, and integrity — while opening up their imagination to create a bright future for themselves and their environment. This will take place in the beautiful mountains of the Catskills for three days.

During the second part of the program, they take part in conferences and presentations at the United Nations, where IBREA has consultative status, offering its educational program as a tool to help advance the U.N. goals of development and peace. They will come to understand how their individual health, mental well-being, and achievement is connected to the world at large.

The World Peace Leadership Program is an eye-opening and transformative experience for anyone. Past participants have shared that the program has an incredibly positive impact on their life. They gained insight, confidence, motivation, and tools they can use for a lifetime to manage their overall well-being, and maintain a positive and meaningful outlook.

Any questions? Please email info [at] Here’s some info on IBREA Foundation’s mission and projects.